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August 3, 2017

It Ain’t Final Until It’s Vinyl

Posted By Whalen

There’s a well known adage in the recording industry: “It ain’t final ’til it’s vinyl.” Those eight syllables have a simple ring of truth to them. I’m sure one reason that I wanted to do an album on vinyl was to have the sense of completion that one very seldom gets in the digital era. It’s now so easy to record, edit, revise, amend and enhance music that the simple melody and lyrics providing the original inspiration to a songwriter often is too easily lost….

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July 11, 2017

Atticus Records Set To Release Whalen Nash’s “This Cowboy Came From Baltimore” On Vinyl

Posted By Atticus

Whalen Nash’s solo debut album, This Cowboy Came From Baltimore, will be released on vinyl by Atticus Records in September. The album features ten Nash originals that flirt with the conflicting notions of sincerity and parody, the paradoxical pull of wanderlust and the longing for roots, and the emotional tension between the security of a loving relationship and the uncertainty of separation.
Born and raised in Baltimore, Whalen Nash has had an on again,…

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